Whether we are starting from scratch on a new Web design or working on an existing web site created by another company, your web site must be search engine friendly.

Keeping a web site at or near the top of search results has become a science. The best search engines frequently modify the way their databases list web sites, and we work systematically to stay aware of these changes and use the latest techniques for promoting a web site on the Internet.

Search engines use data-collecting programs which send “robots” or “spiders” to your server to look for HTML files from which it may collect data. Your HTML files are located in sub directories within the server. It is imperative that the files on your Web server are structured in a way which aids the robots in their quest for content.

We will show you how this works. In some cases we may have to recommend that you switch to a different web hosting company.

If you have a web site which uses .asp programming or some other type of programming which creates “dynamic” pages rather than using static HTML files, then these robots may not be able to collect most of the data for their search engines, unless your web design is created to be “search engine friendly”, but not to worry, we can help you with your web design and code issues.

Here are some of the things we do to ensure you have “search engine friendly” pages: we begin placing proper metatags and header elements within the very first part of the HTML code

[this is called the “head”] of your web site. Java scripts should be placed at the bottom of the HTML page so that it doesn’t slow down the robot when it’s trying to collect data that coincides with keywords in your meta tags. These robots only have a limited amount of time to collect data, so we want to make sure your page is structured in a way that it will feed as much keyword rich content as possible in a few seconds.

You may wonder why we are giving away so many secrets. We do so only because it just the beginning of what we do and it’s very important that you understand all that is involved when it comes to gaining favorable placement on the search engines with your keywords. The fact is, that what we are describing here is only a fraction of all that we do to when trying to achieve and maintain placement at the top of lists of search results for our clients.

When you look at a web page you may think that there are only a few pages that make up the site. But if you are going to be successful you will need to have many pages with different HTML elements that meet the unique specifications of each search engine that you want to target. In addition to creating a unique page for each individual search engine, we also create unique pages that target each keyword or keyword phrase for the particular search engine.

Remember, having a nice web design is just the beginning, then you need to take the next step and make sure your web site is designed to do well on important searches. Therefor, ongoing analysis must begin. This provides us with insight into trends which help to keep us on top of the ever changing world of the search engines. It is also absolutely vital to stay informed in order to maintain rankings, or sites can quickly fall without regular updates and submissions.

We provide detailed reports to our clients on a monthly basis. These reports show where the site is currently ranked on each of the major search engines that we target. This lets us know which pages and keywords are doing well and which need work.

We also do competitive analysis to check how a particular site is performing compared to a client’s competitor. We use different strategies to give our client a competitive advantage with a very aggressive approach.