If you are thinking of having a new website developed, you need to consider the following questions first:

  1. Does my web design company have enough experience?  May times a company has only been in the business for less than five years and there are many things that could come up which may cause you a LOT of headaches if you are working with an inexperienced company.
  2. Will my web design company give me proper support and the attention I need?  There are some really good sales people out there that can get you really excited about building a new site and price it out low, but if you are dealing with a large web design firm, you may become a “number” and most likely be dealing with a totally different person when it comes to tech support.
  3. Will my new website be mobile device and tablet friendly and will it do well on search engines?  If your design firm is worth their cost, they will make sure your new site is optimized properly for all devices and indexable by the major search engines and using SEO friendly URL structure.
  4. Will I get tech support for the life of my website?  The answer must be “yes”!
  5. Do I own my new domain name?  Many times, a design firm will register your new domain name for you under their own account and never transfer it over to you.  Always make sure your new domain name is purchased by you and that you own it before you even speak to any web design firms.
  6. If you are having your site re-designed by a new firm, make sure they do a proper 301 redirect of your old URL structure so that any ranking you had gained in the past won’t be lost.